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Hello, Crispy!

Let me start by saying I really liked this text. Having said that, I disagree with this sentence: "There is an absolute social calculus that could allow us to predict a person’s every actions". I think this comes from a materialistic worldview, that is currently the mainstream worldview. But I don't disagree completely. For me, it's like Newton's physics: it's not wrong, but it's not as universal as we once believed. We are material beings, as well as spiritual, and we tend to think matter is all there is when we don't have a "spiritual life".

I'm not much of an "internet commentator", but I thought it maybe be nice having this conversation with you.

Abraço! (I'm terrible with endings in english, sorry)

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I don't know how I found your blog (maybe Twitter) but it was open on a tab when I opened up my computer today. I just read this and other essays, and I'm awed by the mixture of insight and cogency. Brilliant stuff. Particularly excited for more theories/models/observations on memes.

On the Queen's Gambit post, you said "I don’t know if I can say she succeeds. Watch the show, and I’ll write a follow-up about exactly that." If you're still interested in writing this, you'll have at least one excited reader. Permit me a metaphor: I think I'm a better chess player having read your work. Already, I see new lines opening up, and can better trace the patterns that led to previous blunders.

Cheers, keep writing (life permitting).

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I'm really honored by this comment. I've wanted to come back to the Queen's Gambit, so I'll count this as a vote in this direction. Thanks for taking the time to write this out ❤️

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