Expanding the In-Group Won’t Solve Your Problem

Anyone with ambition has felt the difficulty of attempting to get where they’re going because they’re not “in” with the right groups. Much reform today is directed at making things meritocratic by attempting to quantify potential and using metrics to control power structures. Of course these metrics are largely applied to the decision to acceptContinue reading “Expanding the In-Group Won’t Solve Your Problem”

Status Instability Leads to 2nd-Order Discussion

When people consider morality in their actions, they do it from the point of view of their experience of living that moment. They feel a certain way in a situation, and they imagine some space that others feel in a situation. They consider whether they have principles, desires, promises that apply. They do not usuallyContinue reading “Status Instability Leads to 2nd-Order Discussion”

My Struggle With Literalism

All my life I have struggled to communicate effectively. Words are vehicles for structured ambiguity, and I always tried to structure my ambiguity to have tight corners, and grippable exoskeletons, so they could be manipulated and reconsidered with ease. I noticed that the vast majority of people tried to communicate with outlines that would requireContinue reading “My Struggle With Literalism”