Probability as a Mental Model is Bullshit

The idea is simple: probabilities don’t make any sense as tools for explaining the brain, they make sense as tools for describing what is literally possible. Describing what is possible and what is likely in the physical universe is awesome, I’m all for it. It’s cool that we can understand particle physics which may or mayContinue reading “Probability as a Mental Model is Bullshit”

Wireheading is a Teleological Misnomer

As the mistaken belief that AGI is “coming up” on our horizon increases, the discussion around “wireheading” has increased in fervor. The idea is very simple: What if you designed a robot to mow your lawn, by making sure it gets orgasms from well-cleaned lawns? Except you botch up the entire thing by making theContinue reading “Wireheading is a Teleological Misnomer”

How Should We Describe How Language Works?

This is a guest post from Wrench, who I’m working with along with a few others to develop the Inexact Sciences. The point of science and theory is to sculpt out useful idealized machinery to make thinking about very complex systems tractable. People always point to physics for this because they’ve gotten the best ratioContinue reading “How Should We Describe How Language Works?”